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I am fully trained and experienced in all aspects of general restaurant and kitchen management with solid “all-round” experience and my extraordinarily strong acquired attention to detail enables me to place great emphasis on Comprehensive Methods of rendering the guest an experience beyond their expectations.


Consequential to the above, I have built my entire service ethos over time and as my pursuit of Service Excellence which I define as

Platinum-class service excellence and superior products unified through passionate attention and skillful craftsmanship into a sublime form of art.

I embrace the mindset that working in hospitality is not just “a job” but instead it is a “lifestyle” and due to the many variables present and the very nature of the industry, it requires long, sometimes arduous hours that I have been keeping for most of my working life.

As I am a clear thinking and pro-active problem solver, I can work both independently and within a team while building strong relationships with other guests, team members, company owners and suppliers

In both my own chef preferences and repertoire and on other menus  I place great emphasis on taste, quality and presentation.


In a commercial environment I am also very skilled in working on a cost vs profitability basis.


While I do have experience in - and remain open to other styles, my own preferred style is contemporary fusion cuisine that often reflects Mediterranean flavor profiles and feature locally sourced quality produce while strongly drawing on classic French and Italian methods

I love doing recipe research for other nationalities' cuisine and to also to keep up with global food trends.

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