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Finger Food
Canapes 3 -Pastry Spoons with Bufala balls, slow-roasted cherry tomato and truffle-infused
Pastry Spoons with Mini Bufala Cheese Balls , Chive-Infused Ricotta Cheese, Slow-roasted Cherry Tomato and Balsamic Glaze
Bruscetta with Basil Pesto infused Creamy Ricotta, Slow-roasted Cherry Tomato, Spanish-style Goats' milk cheese, Rocula and  Balsamic Glaze
Canapes 1 - Bruscetta with basil pesto infused creamed Ricotta, slow.roasted cherry tomato
Canapes 2 - Poached Mussels with Mango and Cilantro Salsa.jpg
Mussels in Half-shell, Poached in White Wine and Lime Juice with Tangy Mango, Sweet Chili and Cilantro Salsa
Spicy, BBQ'd  "Buffalo" Chicken Wings with Thai style Sweet Chili Sauce - lightly dusted with White Sesame Seeds
platters 5- Spicy Sticky Chicken Drumsticks_edited.jpg
Canapes 4 -Mini Margherita Pizzas with Caramelized Red Onion and Sliced
Mini Margherita Pizza Topped With Caramalized Red Onion and Sliced Harvatti Cheese
Classic Beef "Slider"
Mini Burgers
Canapes 5 - Mini Burger Sliders_edited.jpg
Canapes 6 - Mini Croissants with (a) Rocula, Smoked Salmon and Ricotta with Lumpfish Cavia
Mini Croissants with (a) Rocula, Salmon, Ricotta & Caviar and (b) Smoked Chicken Breast in Marie Rose Sauce, Caramalized Onion & Balsamic Glaze
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